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Colocation for Mission Critical Applications

If you won't compromise reliability, security, or compliance for your clients, find a colocation hosting partner with the same philosophy. Online Tech invests in complete N+1 redundancy on all hardware, networks, power, batteries, generators, and cooling. Plus, you can leverage our geographically separated but connected data centers for offsite backup and disaster recovery.

Basic Michigan ColocationMonitored Michigan ColocationManaged Colocation


  • N+1 on all Critical Data Center Infrastructure
  • UPS & Generator Protected Power
  • Cisco Powered Redundant Network
  • Carrier Netural with Multiple Internet Service Providers

Basic to Fully Managed

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Flexible Solutions.

From basic colocation with just rack space, uninterruptible power and internet to fully managed colocation with unlimited support, Online Tech provides flexible solutions within a secure hosting environment managed by experienced IT experts.

Managed Colocation Services.

Choose from additional managed colocation services to round out your IT support and create the complete colocation package with offsite backup, server monitoring, dedicated firewall, high availability power and network and more.

High Availability Network.

We offer managed data centers with fully redundant, high availability power and network infrastructure, ensuring the highest availability. Colocation includes connection to our dual Cisco routers, internet and uninterruptible power supplies, battery arrays and generator power.

Compliant Colocation.

Online Tech’s HIPAA compliant data centers have passed a HIPAA audit with 100% compliance. Our colocation hosting solutions and environment are built to meet the national industry standards of PCI, HIPAA and SOX compliance.


A Company We Can Rely On

We had to find a company that we could rely on. For the last seven years, Online Tech has been able to provide reliability. DataMail was able to leverage everything that they had for a reasonable cost. We could never ever do this on our own.

- William Hayden, President & CEO, DataMail

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