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IT Disaster Recovery Case Studies

Online Tech has provided a variety of IT disaster recovery services for companies in diverse industries requiring continuous data protection and application availability. 

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Sylectus - A Software-as-a-Service Hosting and IT Disaster Recovery Case Study

Online Tech Surpasses Reliability, Responsiveness and Quality Products Criteria

With over 400 transportation carriers using Sylectus’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software, they needed a data center that could offer high availability for their IT disaster recovery solution. Sylectus utilizes Online Tech’s colocation services for real-time, online server backup and creating an IT disaster recovery site for their facilities in Windsor, Ontario. Sylectus pushes backup data of their transactions every minute to Online Tech’s Ann Arbor, Michigan data center facility.

Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company - A Disaster Recovery Case Study

Michigan Millers Moves from IBM to Online Tech to Improve Disaster Recovery Plan

Over the past three years, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company has gone through a complete data center redesign after determing that their existing IT disaster recovery plan did not meet their needs. Their IBM Disaster Recovery facility was too remote, had multiple failed recovery tests, and was slow to restore critical data from tape backup. By partnering with Online Tech, Michigan Millers has access to SAS 70 certified data centers on different power grids with highly redundant cooling, network connections, and backup systems.

DataMail – An IT Disaster Recovery Case Study

Online Tech Designs an IT Disaster Recovery System Capable of Recovery in Less Than 60 Seconds

As DataMail’s business grew with an expanded customer base, their IT infrastructure started to take on a more critical role in the organization. DataMail wanted to improve their IT disaster recovery capabilities to support their customers and protect critical IT processes. With the help of Online Tech, DataMail designed an IT disaster recovery system capable of automatic recovery to a separate data center in less than 60 seconds.

Biotronic – A Server Colocation, Remote Off-site Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Case Study

Online Tech Provides High Availability and Secure Private Cloud Hosting for Monitoring Brain and Spine Surgery

Online Tech’s unique advantage with separate data centers over 50 miles apart with separate power grids and network feeds, but connected by high-speed direct cable, offers Biotronic ideal secure and fast offsite backup and IT disaster recovery options. The combination of Online Tech’s high availability data centers for both production and offsite IT disaster recovery bring great value to Biotronic.


IT Disaster Recovery Design

Online Tech made several cost savings and efficiency recommendations that streamlined the project, were significant in reducing the scope of the project, and ultimately Michigan Millers expense.

- Maria Jasinski, VP of IT, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance

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