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Healthcare Companies Saw Major IT Changes in 2011

The past year has been a period of sweeping and unremitting change in the healthcare IT sector, as new technologies have taken hold at a rapid pace and revolutionized the field. According to a recent GovernmentHealthIT report, there are a few technological trends that stood out during the past year.

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Many Organizations Falling Short of HIPAA Compliance

A significant percentage of healthcare providers are currently ill-equipped to meet HIPAA standards, a trend that will likely create major problems when the Office of Civil Rights begins auditing more businesses, reported.

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Government Spending on Healthcare IT Set to Rise

While the U.S. government is working to reduce budgets and control spending in most areas, healthcare IT systems remain among the few avenues positioned for significant growth during the next few years, according to a recent Deltek study.

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IT Outsourcing Integral to Data Security

In the healthcare sector, efforts to secure data are becoming critical for operations, as the move to electronic health records and other innovative IT solutions is creating major complications.

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IT Outsourcing Can Alleviate Many Healthcare Industry Concerns

As the healthcare industry works to systematically change many of its IT policies and practices, some organizations are falling behind, InformationWeek reported. IT outsourcing to a HIPAA compliant hosting provider can resolve many of these issues by simplifying new investments and data center management.

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Compliance Among Key Cloud Security Trends for 2012

Meeting regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA, the PCI DSS and others, will be a key part of cloud computing security initiatives during the coming year, according to a recent InformationWeek report.

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Dealing with Mobile Devices Key for Effective Healthcare IT

CIOs in the medical sector cannot ignore the rising trend of mobile device use, as a recent ZDNet report said healthcare has been the quickest industry to adopt smartphones and tablets.

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Many Physicians Struggling with Data Sharing in Light of HIPAA

While HIPAA is filled with good intentions in terms of serving patients, it can sometimes make it so difficult for physicians to share information with one another that it hurts overall care, Renal & Urology News reported.

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Healthcare Industry Becoming More Comfortable With IT Outsourcing

Moving IT resources to a third-party site offers businesses considerable benefits. Colocation allows organizations to house their servers at a remote data center, saving them the cost of building their own power and cooling infrastructure.

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Healthcare Data Breaches Could Waste Too Many Resources

Data breaches have become a major issue in the healthcare sector as more organizations have deployed robust electronic health record systems.

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Businesses Struggling to Attain PCI Compliance

An annual survey performed by Verizon found many businesses are still experiencing significant difficulties equipping their IT systems with the technologies needed to maintain PCI compliance.

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Data Center Fire Emphasizes Importance of Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery is a critical concern for almost every business, as natural disasters, power outages and other similar threats can create significant downtime and expenses for organizations.

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Private Cloud Hosting Among Leading Data Center Outsourcing Options

More businesses are turning to private cloud hosting rather than public options when they initiate their cloud-based data center outsourcing strategies, according to a recent DataCenter Dynamics survey.

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Managed Hosting Becoming More Comfortable with the Cloud

High availability hosting is a key consideration for many businesses and has contributed to the increased popularity of the managed hosting sector.

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Payment Card Data Storage Issues Can Be Overcome

Dealing with consumer data pertaining to payment cards can be a major challenge for businesses, especially small companies with limited IT resources.

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Database Management a Key Compliance Consideration

Businesses that maintain databases with highly sensitive content, need to be able to manage them in compliance with the guidelines set forth by regulatory standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and HIPAA.

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