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Encryption of Cloud Data

September 20, 2013

Organizations seeking to protect sensitive and mission-critical data quickly realize that there is no single answer to keep all systems completely secure. Online data security is a complex, rapidly evolving landscape, requiring robust and layered protections. Encryption is one tool in a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy to mitigate the risk of accidental and intentional data breaches.

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Disaster Recovery

June 25, 2013

Investing in risk management means investing in business sustainability – designing a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan is about analyzing the impact of a business interruption on revenue.

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Mobile Security

December 12, 2012

The integration of diverse mobile devices throughout the work environment is both inevitable and enabling. Workflows previously tied to less portable devices can now enjoy free access wherever a wireless signal allows.

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PCI Compliant Hosting

July 06, 2012

Engaging customers online is a necessity for every business today. Key banking and bill processing transactions are only a mobile app away, making both e-commerce transactions and the the number of end points touching cardholder data prolific. Two primary business drivers impact the data center: security and availability. This white paper describes the impact of PCI DSS compliance on data centers and hosting providers.

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Annkissam – Secure HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Cloud

July 03, 2014




Develop a secure HIPAA compliant encrypted cloud solution.

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Rimage Solutions – An Encrypted Cloud SaaS Solution

May 23, 2014




Develop a scalable encrypted cloud solution for a SaaS.

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United Bank & Trust – A Personalized Data Center Solution

September 11, 2013




Develop a personalized data center solution with a like-minded partner.

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Genesys Physician Health Organization (PHO) – A HIPAA Compliant Colocation Case Study

May 30, 2013




The nightmare keeping healthcare IT executives tossing and turning at night? Headlines like this one: A tiny USB is stolen from the car of a health worker in Alaska resulting in the state paying $1.7 million in federal fines.

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Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule: How it Changes Cloud Computing for Healthcare

March 12, 2013

The long-awaited final modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement and Breach Rules were introduced recently. The 563-word document outlines the changes that were initially slated for implementation last summer, also known as the final omnibus rule.

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Leasing vs. Building a Data Center

December 11, 2012

So your company is expanding and growing at a rapid rate, and the demand requires more space, power and cooling - what do you do? Build a new data center, or buy (lease, or outsource your IT needs to a different provider).

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What to Look for in a Michigan Disaster Recovery Provider

October 23, 2012

A solid backup and disaster recovery plan is essential to long-term Michigan business success - in the event of a disaster, your business can't afford to lose valuable data and applications. As critical functions of our businesses rely heavily on the Internet and applications to operate on a day-to-day basis, a disaster recovery plan is also critical to maintaining the availability of websites and entire network systems.

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Four Ways to Gain Transparency with PCI Hosting Providers

August 22, 2012

A Search Cloud security article recently claimed that “cloud transparency continues to be the single biggest issue hindering adoption of cloud-based services” when it comes to maintaining PCI DSS compliance in the cloud. The article said, “merchants still face a wall when trying to gain visibility into cloud providers’ systems and processes.”

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